Unsere Designer




he objective of my work is to recreate the

modern versions of decorative arts and

their structures from the Edo Period.

My works are based on the premises

that the paintings on traditional folding

screens, byobu, and traditional sliding

doors, fusuma, primarily serve a decorative

purpose, and that the role of the images

and patterns on the surface, represented

using the déformer method, is to provide a

contrast in order to bring out their decorative

function. I believe that, aside from serving

as a medium of expression for the artist,

paintings can also play a decorative role.

My goal is to create unique images by

reproducing history while at the same time

incorporating modern elements such as

street culture and graffiti into the design.

By examining the historical era in which

decorative arts flourished and their roles in

that historical context, I hope to present the

role of art in the world today as well as the

direct link between the modern world and art.