Tres Tintas was born in 2004 as the result of a well-known family business linked to the wallpaper industry for 65 years: Papeles Pintados Aribau, located in Barcelona city.
With a clear conviction for the edition and manufacture of wallpaper collections, Tres Tintas also gives service from its design studio to professionals of interior design for residential projects and decoration of public spaces, hotels, restaurants, retail and a long etc. Thus, the company shows a strong vocation for design and commitment to the national and international community of designers and decorative arts, focusing its proposals on the creation of collections and solutions for professionals in the interior decoration and architecture industry.

The creative commitment of Tres Tintas Barcelona with the authorship of its contemporary, urban, avant-garde and provocative designs, builds its own universe and places the organization as one of the main players in the national and international industry.

  • 1965 - 2004, Family wallpaper business
  • 2004 - 2015, Edition and distribution of international brands and design of collections wallpaper
  • 2015 - 2018, Edition, manufacture and creation of Tres Tintas Studio for advice on residential interior design projects and contract.

La mar de peixitus

“La mar de peixitus” huge personal persona and 100% Balearic project managed by Andrea Miró who lives on the island of Menorca.

Her mission and commitment is to help disseminate the knowledge of the species that inhabit the marine areas of the Balearic archipelago, with the aim of building a respectful collective conscience towards the species that live and inhabit them.

Tres Tintas collaborates and makes its communication platforms available to "La mar de Peixitus" in order to disseminate its project and help conserve the Balearic mediterranean marine environment.
Through the decorative sheet “La mar de peixitus”, you will be able to know the main species that inhabit the Balearic waters created by the hand of the Illustrator Jacobo Bagué Trias de Bes.

Make the purchase of your decorative sheet "La mar de peixitus" through our website and contribute to his project. When placing your order for a decorative sheet, “La mar de peixitus” will donate € 1 to the foundation, “Save the med”, a Mallorcan organization that defines its purpose to allow the Mediterranean Sea to recover its rich biodiversity and prosper in harmony with environmentally conscious and proactive local populations.

From the hand of "Fundació per a persones amb discapacitat de Menorca", La mar de peixitus creates this beautiful sheet and illustrations in 50x70cm format and paper, natural biotop 300gr.

Place your order for a decorative sheet through our website and collaborate with La mar de peixitus and its initiatives to help regenerate and conserve Balearic waters and learn about the species that inhabit them.