Create your own story with OAS Collection

Create your own story with OAS Collection

Tres Tintas Barcelona introduces you OAS, the collection designed by Sandberg that becomes a true Oasis. OAS murals generate a timeless feeling, allowing you to rest, both visually and spiritually, as it happens in those fascinating places.

The OAS collection includes 13 murals that combine floral designs, mosaics and textures. Pastel colours and dark midnight shades provide all their dreamy force. The combination evokes a quiet and warm atmosphere, turning any space into a cozy oasis.

The floral wallpapers use shapes such as the leaves of the black elder and introduce shades to create a magic halo. Johanna, Lo and Malin bring nature to the walls, but also an introspective touch that is inspiring and relaxing at the same time.

OAS murals based on patterns are very imaginative and different from each other. You will find from the vintage trompe l’oeil of Ilse to the volume brush strokes of Stine. There are also classic mosaics as Gaston, textile references as Lene or sober lines as Robin. The last two of them, Ida and Sten, offer softness and harmony.

If you think that the best way to provide warmth to the spaces is by adding textures, this Sandberg collection has two different designs, with several variations, just for you. Hannes feels like classical marble, but introduces vibrant games through changing colours and shades. Joel offers a rough relief that, however, creates a beautiful and relaxing effect in the wall and in the whole room.

The last OAS mural maybe is one of the most representative of this collection. Midnatt is a combination of dark shadows that remember a landscape, disturbing and familiar at the same time. Actually, we are in front of a pleasant travel between dreams.

Each OAS' design creates a story. Not only that: each design generates a special atmosphere, a sanctuary, so you can create your own one. Warm rooms that stimulate deep conversations and daydreaming. Places for the body and soul.

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