Journeys II, new destinations to keep on travelling

Journeys II, new destinations to keep on travelling

Journeys II is the new collection by Tres Tintas Barcelona. It is an authentic travel journal that covers the world through 32 murals, encouraging to follow the journey from the wall.

Journeys II goes beyond a mere follow-up to the successful Journeys collection: this time, designer Mitos Bermejo has faced the challenge of capturing the essence of specific places. These murals show not only the physical or geographical space, but the sensations caused by the different destinations.

This way, the new collection by Tres Tintas Barcelona is both a travel journal and a suitcase of memories. Journeys II brings an evocative content that continues in the walls and spaces where its designs lie.

Among the 32 murals, there are very different places around the world. However, as you can expect, Barcelona has an important role in the collection. In Barcelona you will find the great lines of the Sagrada Familia; in Barcino, memories from the gothic city; in Gràcia, textures from one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods.

If you wish, you can travel much further: Journeys II has no borders. Landscapes from Berna, gardens from Tokyo, mosaics from Fez or the rain-forest from the Amazonia are just some of the destinations of this imaginary route. Tres Tintas Barcelona suggests the destination and you choose the place you want to go from your room, office or space.

The creative diversity of this collection is key to achieve its evocative power. Each travel has a different representation: this specific detail of a town, the architecture of a region or the way we remember a country. Mitos Bermejos is able to express the sensations caused by the experience of travel and moving the observer.

If you liked Journeys and you want discover new places around the world, this collection is made for you. Explore each mural and check if you identify with its routes; maybe you will find here your next destination! Now is the moment to get immersed in Journeys II and keep on travelling.

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