9 Selvas celebrates its 10th anniversary with a special edition

9 Selvas celebrates its 10th anniversary with a special edition

10 years of 9 Selvas

One of our most iconic collections turns 10 years old. It's 9 Selvas, the series of wallpapers where Javier Mariscal expressed some of his most recognizable motifs and that opened the door to new decorative possibilities.

To celebrate this special date, Tres Tintas has prepared a 10th Anniversary edition. This reissue compiles the whole collection, but also includes new colors that give Mariscal's work a new view.

Working with Javier Mariscal to design a wallpaper series meant working with one of the most renowned artists of the last decades. His unique style, that combines a very personal vision of his world with comic and pop-art influences, found a perfect way of expression on this new format.

That's how we can look on these wallpapers at the artistic obsessions of Mariscal: the city as a pop element, the characteristic faces by the artist, letters and fonts games, vegetable patterns or intertwined chairs. The collection as a whole has a Mediterranean feeling, combining city and countryside, chaos and calm.

All of these elements are not only recognizable in Mariscal's works, but also create a wallpaper that adapts to any space with a great vitality. These designs are urban and contemporary, making clear Javier Mariscal’s great creativity, and still open new paths to this format.

9 Selvas is a collection with great artistic value and an incomparable technical execution. That's the reason why this 10th Anniversary edition is a great chance to enjoy it once again and to rediscover all its details. You can contact us if you need further information about this reissue, which is already available.

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About the designer

Javier Mariscal, who was born in Valencia in 1950, has developed his professional career in Barcelona. The Mediterranean culture of both cities is revealed in his work: he has inherited the hedonism, optimism and symbolism that characterise his designs from it, as well as the vibrant range of colours and his poetic approach. Before dealing with projects from a multidisciplinary point of view became a recognised value, his professional activity was already highlighted by moving from one discipline to another without complexes, thanks to his untiring curiosity and his passion to innovate to contribute to make everyday life more interesting, easier and friendlier.

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