In the European Partner Event by Rebel Walls

 In the European Partner Event by Rebel Walls

Last May, Tres Tintas visited Sandberg and Rebel Walls factories in Sweden, during the European Partner Event 2017. We shared information about the wallpaper sector and the possibilities to reach customers on the Internet. It was a breath of fresh air and optimism during these two days full of ideas!

Sharing synergies

Knowing experiences from Rebel Walls first hand means to approach one of the most original and trend setting wallpaper companies. Its own name is already a statement: they are rebels because they create things that don't exist yet. In addition, they control the whole creation process, from the contemporary design that define them to the delivery of the product, donating a part of the money to humanitarian causes.

The event addressed the wallpaper market without fear, pointing out its threats from the beginning: the decreasing sales since the 1970s, difficulties adapting to the new world or the new decorative materials that are now available.

However, the opportunities are there and we must take advantage of them! Nowadays there are more potential customers, due to the increasing interest in interior design and the fact that people have money to invest in decoration. The Internet is a key tool to reach them and allows to offer new services with the product, such as installation and customer service.

The most important thing is to forget traditional sales and to focus on the right customer with the right product. Rebel Walls used their growth on European markets as an example, where the interest in wallpaper gets bigger each day. They have designed a strategy focused on marketing, sales and design departments.

The strategy

This online strategy is basic: it allows to attract potential customers because you can create the most attractive digital showcase for your audience. In addition, through influencers and social media you can reach to more people that are interested in wallpapers.

The Rebel Walls team gave as examples some of their own initiatives. With each new collection, they launch digital books so resellers and customers know the most recent wallpapers in a fast and attractive way.

In the same way, social media platforms like Pinterest have a big interaction and are great to compile different designs, allowing customers to save their favourites for future purchases.

But, if something was clear in our visit to Sweden, it's that the most important thing in the end is the product. The wallpaper collections must bet on contemporary designs, adapted to nowadays customers' taste and up to date on the latest trends. Adaptation to not just the sale format: speed of society imposes an adaptation to the rhythm of purchases.

If you bet on talent and innovative designs, there is a huge audience for wallpaper. Because, who doesn't want to feel comfortable in their own homes, offices or leisure places? And we have the perfect solution for this. There are many open doors and windows to show it, thanks to the Rebel Walls team and other colleagues for sharing their experiences!