The origins of Tres Tintas Barcelona date back to a family dinner in 2004, during which our father (founder of Papeles Pintados Aribau) thought about an idea that would be the key to all that happened since that time: create something new. We then decided to offer our customers simpler and innovative products. One year later, Tres Tintas was created. But “something new” did not mean to break away from everything, on the contrary, because event though  we did not know exactly where we were going (maybe that’s why some people told us that we were crazy), we did know where we came from. As a result, we went back 30-years– to take a run-up – and we started from the first Spanish paint paper pop collection, created by our father. We restyled it  aesthetically and technically in order to adapt it to modern   times, and we called it Revival.

A matter of principles
Our proposals are an expression medium which  developing as a key aesthetic point. Thanks to the evolution of decorative arts and contemporary concepts such as design, our offered services and products are also a way to communicate and understand the needs of the society, defining new environments and manners to understand people’s habits.

The intention of Tres Tintas Barcelona is to discover new gifted people but also to encourage designers to design painted paper and fabrics. Because we do not only offer painted paper: we are becoming into a design production company that is trying to enter the world of home fabrics and accessories. And always with a contemporary vocation.

Ethic Responsibility
As a design-related company, we are responsible for preserving  the creative culture. As far as our projects are concerned, we particularly support the development of designs created in Barcelona. Our cultural heritage is aimed at co-operating with regional educational institutions and associations. Our business view is based on a sustainable development that creates values for the next generations. We must act with responsibility and respect as far as environmental values are concerned. Moreover, we must be socially responsible, which implies to focus on the well-being of our employees, and demand such responsibility to our collaborators and suppliers.

We are innovative but not iconoclastic. As a result, we hire authentic and experienced artists that know how to interpret with a creative manner the basic ideas that we give them.  We make the most of the sensibility of the designers because we encourage young, carefree and rather innovative spirits; and that’s why we give our collaborator complete freedom of expression.

Environmental Responsibility  
Our painted paper has the Finland clean woods certificate which means that the raw material of our painted paper products comes from woods exploited for that purpose.

Moreover, all our painted papers are made with special inks, called water inks, which allow us to recycle the painted paper after removing it from our walls.

In order to achieve this, use recycle-friendly glues. Keep this in mind when buying the glue!