Arv (heritage) is a wallpaper collection created with pride of our history. With inspiration from the elegant Gustavian Swedish style of the 18th century, designed for the modern home of today. It is a classic collection with harmonising colours and patterns varying from imposing greenery to peaceful settings. Emphasising the Nordic light with airy motifs on a traditional white base. Arv is easy on the eyes, adding a decorative feel to the room.

  • Sten

    Arv, Sten
  • Karl

    Arv, Karl
  • Fredrik

    Arv, Fredrik
  • Karolina

    Arv, Karolina
  • Ljung

    Arv, Ljung
  • Sanna

    Arv, Sanna
  • Gustav

    Arv, Gustav
  • Marieberg

    Arv, Marieberg
  • Raphaël

    Arv, Raphael
  • Himmel

    Arv, Himmel
  • Ludvig

    Arv, Ludvig
  • Ewa

    Arv, Ewa
  • Antonia

    Arv, Antonia