Journeys is the new mural Tres Tintas collection designed by Cárlos Buendía, Pablo Piatti and Jazmin Vasco. Into it you can find a glance of their dreams of journeys, a real “voyage card” that collect the impressions of places, landscapes and cities. Journeys is presented as a suitcase of the memories that three designers have recorded in their mind, making born a new different, invigorating and very original collection.

  • Ink Woods

    journeys, ink woods, floral
  • Olinto

    journeys, olinto, patterns
  • San Sebastian

    journeys, san sebastian
  • Suitcases

    journeys, suitcases, patterns
  • Rouses

    journeys, rouses, patterns
  • Cock

    journeys, cock
  • London

    journeys, london
  • Birds

    journeys, birds
  • Corominas

    journeys, corominas, patterns
  • Isobars

    journeys, isobars
  • Barcelona

    journey, barcelona
  • Clouds

    journeys, clouds, patterns
  • Alandalus Mosaico

    journeys, alandalus, patterns
  • Bicycle

    journeys, bicycle
  • Cerdà

    journey, cerda
  • Needelwork

    journeys, needelwork, patterns
  • Corinto

    journeys, corinto, patterns
  • Bindweed

    journeys, bindweed, patterns
  • Doors

    journeys, doors
  • Musas

    journeys, musas, patterns
  • Ocean

    journeys, ocean
  • Alandalus

    journeys, alandalus, patterns
  • Alabastro

    journeys, alabastro, patterns
  • Hidrangea

    journeys, hidrangea, patterns
  • Teselas

    journeys, teselas, patterns
  • Mayolica

    journeys, mayolica, patterns
  • Letters

    journeys, letters
  • Rio

    journeys, rio
  • Columbus

    journeys, columbus
  • City

    journeys, city
  • Berries

    journeys, berries, floral
  • Bridge

    journeys, bridge
  • Beauty Spot

    journeys, spot
  • Hollywood

    journeys, hollywood
  • English Garden

    journeys, english garden, floral
  • Dubai

    journeys, dubai
  • New York

    journeys, new york
  • Sailboat

    journeys, sailboats
  • Stamps

    journeys, stamps
  • Paris

    journeys, paris