Swedish wallpaper brand Decor Maison launches Maison Celine, a collection that moves effortlessly along the coastline and combines the cool Swedish waters and the sophisticated French Riviera with the colorful Caribbean surf. Theclassic stripe with denim structure is joined by the hand-drawn Breton Stripe, which can be hanged both vertically and horizontally. Ocean is a subtle wallpaper in beautiful color combinations that blends well with other patterns. Chevron offers attitude with its graphical expression while Bella Palm and Shells surprise with exotic elements. Think salty splashes, ocean-blue horizons and a soothing breeze of joie de vivre. Maison Celine is a smooth and expressive journey between continents and oceans.

  • Yacht

    patterns, celine
  • Shells

    animals, celine
  • Denim Stripes

    stripes, celine
  • Ocean

    colour, celine
  • Seaweed

    floral, celine
  • Breton Stripes

    patterns, celine
  • Nautical

    patterns, celine
  • Maritime

    patterns, celine
  • Bella Palm

  • Chevron

    patterns, celine