The collection is inspired by fragrant florals, chinoiseries and exquisite forest vegetation. There are 3 main references: the Tropical (Bananella), the Oriental (Chinella) and the European (Florella). Using a very personal style, the collections takes us on a creative journey, away from tradition. Using the newest techniques, the result is a much more interesting design than traditionally could be achieved. A combination of good taste, craftsmanship and contemporary savoir faire.

Acoustically Absorbent
Standard Size: 204x 300 cm / 6.69​ ​ft W by 9,84 ft. H
Weight: 330 g/m2
Larger than​ ​6.69​ ​Ft. size, you can add 2 or more panels.

Design available in a sound absorbing wallcovering - please contact us for more information.


Tags: floral, les vangardes