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In order that you can easily find the best solution for your interior projects, we have a sample service of our wallpapers and murals. With this service we offer samples of DIN-A4 size or 50cm x 50cm, of each of the models we have, to better appreciate the colors and quality of the paper.

Not only the samples

Behind each of them you will see the reference number of the paper in case you need more information, as well as available measures, fire retardant certifications and installation method. In addition, we will also show you an image of the environment with the paper installed so you can see how it looks in reality. In the case of the murals, we will manufacture the sample ourselves so that you can see in it the complete drawing of the mural you have chosen.

A4 samples

Buy A4 samples online.

50x50 samples

For the collections of Tres Tintas request samples of 50 x 50

Sample Room

Ask us for room information on our contract pageRequest information

Choose between two qualities


It is a quality nonwoven fabric, with a level 2 of washability. Its porosity allows the wall to "breathe", so it is more suitable for spaces where the humidity is highest. In addition, the material is dense and robust, which gives it great durability and resistance to deformation, so it is ideal for concealing possible roughness and wall defects.


It has a level 3 washability. Its outer layer of plastic gives it greater resistance to paper and an increase in security to the wall, protecting it from harmful external agents. It is also easier to clean, so it is suitable for spaces that get dirty easily such as kitchens or places with children or pets.

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